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PostSubject: ANIMALS (BIRDS)   Tue May 21, 2013 6:05 pm

Birds can be defined as an animal which are covered with feathers,they are said to have two wings and two legs,most birds are said to have the ability to fly while some cant fly.
#golden eagle #duck #swallow #pheasant #waver
#finch #wood pecker #albatros #chicken
#parrot #gull #crow #owl #sun bird #ibis
Birds can be grouped into two,namely
Examples of birds are
Examples of birds of prey
#golden eagle
Before mating,birds go through a period of courtship which is long and complecated
The male birds usually assumes its most brillient colours and displays them before the female birds,which remains a relatively drab colour
The pintailed whydah bird and the sun bird.sometimes this displays are intended to frighten away other males.
some birds bring tit_bits of food or nestig material to the intended mate when the birds have selected their mates,coition occurs and nest is prepared the eggs are laid at the rate of about 1 a day,but rarely starts until the clutch is complete.incubation is the process of sitting on eggs to hatch them and the clutch is the total number of eggs laid at any particular breeding.
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